You never need to bring all the stuff in your wallet.

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Bring only what you need, when you need it

The elastic band keeps your stuff secure, but still easy to access. Perfect for a few cards and some cash.

ReadyCase Lens band

Enhance your photos with the optional lens band, which includes Wide, Macro, and fish-eye lenses. The lenses can be swapped around and used on both the front and back camera.

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And it's really thin.

Finally a wallet case that's only as big as it needs to be.

Leave your wallet at home.

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Bring only what you need, when you need it. The elastic band will hold credit cards, IDs, keys, cash, headphones, and more! 

The goCase will get you out the door much quicker, and once you start using it it'll be hard to go back to carrying a wallet. It is perfect for travel and your everyday.

Optional Lens Kit includes a lens adapter and wide, macro, and fish-eye lenses.